Shrunken Head "Bury Me With Gold" Hand Made Size Small

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Handmade by the descendants of the original head hunters is South America, our shrunken heads are hand-crafted from animal skin and very high quality.

*NOTE: NONE of our heads are actual human flesh.

                                                    What is a shrunken head?

A shrunken head was a severed and specially prepared human head that was used for trophy, ritual, or in some cases trading purposes.

Although headhunting has occurred in many regions of the world such as Africa and Papua New Guinea, the practice of actual head shrinking has only been documented in the northwestern region of the Amazon (no not the company, the river). The Jivaroan People which includes the Shuar, the Achuar, the Huambisa and the Aguaruna tribes from Peru and Equador are known to have practiced this.

Shuar people call a shrunken head a "tsantsa". Many tribal leaders would show off their heads to scare enemies, though some research has indicated that there is also an honor being bestowed to the person in question as the practice of shrinking and may have included loved ones. In some circumstances they were also used as protective totems or as spiritual councils. The religions and spiritual beliefs of the Jivaroan people was a complex system and though we do not have the space to discuss it here, it should not be dismissed as negative. There is no negative energy attached to these.

Only the head is for sale. All background objects are strictly for presentation.