Zombie Embroidered Western Shirt

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Some designs won't die, including our Zombie Cowboy (aka Skeleton Cowboy) with genuine chenille embroidery throughout front, sleeves and back. This embroidery is a true art dating back to the first Western shirts in the 1940s. Rockmount maintains the art of the shirt maker like no other brand, a four generation tradition of the finest craftsmanship in both shirt construction and embroidery. Features inside hanging pockets with embroidered arrows on the end of the pockets. Where others use synthetics, Rockmount vintage embroideries are natural 100% cotton that is more comfortable and ages well. Fabric is year around weight 100% gabardine twill. Men's are relaxed fit. Imported.

Product Details
-100% cotton gabardine twill, year around weight
-Heavily embroidered front, back and sleeves
-Embroidered arrows on ends of smile pockets
-Relaxed fit
-Dry clean only

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